Notre Cooking Class

We propose you to incarnate the role of a Moroccan chef for a few hours and to travel through the flavors of a rich and refined cuisine.

You will accompany our chef in all the steps, from the choice of ingredients to the making of a Moroccan tagine. The visit of the market to the preparation of the cooking, we will guide you throughout the process and you will end up enjoying your preparation in the Riad.

The program

The first step is to know the customer’s needs and prepare them to go to the nearby local market to make the necessary purchases to prepare the cooking class.
At the same time we present the ancient city of Marrakech and how its inhabitants live within the ancient walls of the medina.

The second step, the move to the kitchen.
We provide Mk Aprons to customers
They will begin to assist the chef in the preparation of dishes according to their choices. (tajine or couscous, Moroccan salads, bread, Moroccan bread)
– Preparation of tagine either chicken, meat, fish or vegetarian (We explain to customers how to prepare these dishes) we explain to them the different Moroccan spices) we then cook the tagine that the customer can then taste.
– Or couscous preparation
– Preparation of Moroccan salads. Explanation of the different making and cooking methods.
– At the same time we watch the tajine which cooks slowly
– Preparation of traditional Moroccan bread, after the preparation of the dough, customers will go to the traditional hammam oven for cooking
– Dressing by the chef of the chosen dishes
– Introduction to tea preparation
– Return to the oven with the customers to look for the bread

The course being over, customers can come to the table for the tasting

Dessert: ice cream or fruit salad